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Manschaft empowers application producers to combat software piracy & increase revenues by easily enabling new pricing, packaging and software licensing and activation models. It supports the full software licensing spectrum, from strict enforcement to usage-based trust but verify, & enables software protection, monetisation & compliance of on-premises, SaaS, cloud, virtualised & embedded applications We provide leading Microsoft softwares and many other products depending upon your business requirements.


Our channel solutions consist of components engineered to meet or exceed all the requirements for their respective grades. And to back up our performance claims, we guarantee—for life— for all the products in our channel solutions. To affirm certify our claim further more, our Network Services, GigaBase® CAT5e and GigaTrue® CAT6 Channel Solutions are ETL Verified.

Manschaft (Microsoft®’s Silver Certified Partner) empowers you to transform the way you work with Office 365. Office ensures end-to-end optimised support for your business. Designed to simplify your life and work, Office 365 powered by Manschaft has all the features you know & come to love & it also showcases new features that let you create, open, edit & save all important documents right in the cloud even when you are on the move. Make more out of your mobile as well with Microsoft Office 365. We have the expertise to provide a full range of services to support your organization


In today’s connected world, rapid, reliable access to your network & corporate resources must be available anytime & anywhere. In addition these networks need to be secure & deliver maximum uptime with high throughput. New devices and applications touch your network daily. This is where we excel, Manschaft has been designing, deploying, & maintaining high functioning networks in various sectors & organizations for over a decade.

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Our expertise involves chalking out a host of ways in which our softwares give you the edge to get the maximum productivity


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